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One to one personal training in Marbella. Through this website you will be able to register your interest in one to one personal training, diet plans and online training. You also will be able to see the latest Instagram and facebook motivation of current clients on their own fitness journeys on media. 


Cryotherapy is the latest beauty and anti-ageing trend from the United States and Dubai. Stars such as Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan or Daniel Craig made Cryotherapy a valuable part of their beauty and wellness routines long ago.

Top athletes and top teams from professional sports, among others Cristiano Ronaldo and his complete Real Madrid team, LeBron James or Tiger Woods, but also recreational athletes profit from the benefits of cryotherapy to improve their regeneration and performance.

The areas of application and the benefits of cryotherapy are almost limitless.

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Placed 4th at the IFBB Regionals Championships in Seville, Spain.