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One to one personal training in Marbella. Through this website you will be able to register your interest in one to one personal training, diet plans and online training. You also will be able to see the latest Instagram and facebook motivation of current clients on their own fitness journeys on media. 


New Years resolutions ..... we all make them, and more often than not we all end up breaking them. Self improvement is always the highest on the list for anyone wanting to begin the new year off well and it always begins with admirable ambition. 

But be honest with yourself! How long does your NEW YOU adventure actually last?

Reasons you’ve probably quit in the past:
1. Work pressures
2. You believe you owe it to yourself to fall off the tracks for a day or two
3. Relationship pressures
4. Lack of dedication
5. Bla bla bla bla bla bla
6. More bla bla bla bla

The real reason for most people quitting whatever they’ve set themselves up to achieve is that they are doing it ALONE. That support system is not there to help you when times are hard or when you just feel like giving up. 

So here at JWF we’ve taken the time to create realistic training packs that YOU CAN actually follow for your NEW YOU transformation. 

No unrealistic requests of you!


Our packs are all bespoke to you as we are all individuals and we believe with the correct mindset taught by Jordan Williams, Scott Wilkie and Rafael Motloch you can achieve exactly what you set out to achieve. 

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Placed 4th at the IFBB Regionals Championships in Seville, Spain.