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Its a lifestyle choice

One to one personal training in Marbella. Through this website you will be able to register your interest in one to one personal training, diet plans and online training. You also will be able to see the latest Instagram and facebook motivation of current clients on their own fitness journeys on media. 

About Rafael......

My first encounter with training took place in the school gymnastics.

I really felt natural doing body weight movements and went on to do flips, frontlever, handstand, climbing a rope, olympic rings, burpees, squat jumps and a whole bunch of primary gymnastic exercises. Come to think of it, all of this is now called CROSSFIT, at the time however, it was just called school gymnastics and this was my introduction to exercise and fitness.

I truly believe we were created to do these core movements. During the whole evolution, basic calisthenic exercises have been vital to our growth and mixing that with the correct gym work can really have an amazing impact on our progress.

My passion in life is to get back to our natural movements and ways of exercising that can work for everybody and this is what I teach in my sessions.

At the age of 25, a difficult period in my life that resulted in a weight increase from 80 kg-107 kg and I cant tell you it wasn't lean muscle. Going from 107kg to what I am now was by far the most important accomplished in my life and it had taken me through a journey and created a version of myself I'm happy with.

This is something I want for all my clients no matter how different or similar your goals. 

We will build up your mindset, knowledge as well as your technique and I will help you with all of that step by step through our tested and proven methods.

I offer a journey within yourself on a physical and mental level, in order to get where you want and I look forward to every step of the way!




Placed 4th at the IFBB Regionals Championships in Seville, Spain.